PT. Eurotrans Logistik Indonesia: Your one-stop solution for secure and efficient international freight forwarding, handling all cargo sizes at competitive rates.

What We Do

From efficient supply chain management to reliable transportation solutions, our logistics company offers comprehensive services tailored to meet your business needs. With a commitment to excellence, we ensure timely deliveries and seamless operations, allowing you to focus on what matters most – growing your business.

International Freight Forwarding

With good and credible relationship with the shipping lines, airlines and various logistic organizations, we provide our users effectively with competitive rates/services to forward their goods to all their required destinations. In association with capable and well resourceful agents worldwide, we can offer in land services to even the most remote destination.


Customs Clearance

PT. Eurotrans Logistik Indonesia team understand the necessity of smooth customs clearance for customers bothexport and import. With experts team and armed with PT. Eurotrans Logistik Indonesia own fleet, we are able to provide a total logistics solution to help customer make well-informed decisions, reduce lead time, optimize cash flow and delivery on time. Our service and delivery to your warehouse/terminal by our trucks.

Ship Chartering

In order to meet our customer’s requirements, we are able to accommodate and organize chartered vessels for both domestic and international rute.


Tug and Barging

Today, we offer trading services for wide range of products manufactured in Indonesia. We provide researching and sourcing for our customers who conveniently save cost and time in their purchases from Indonesia. Our team will assist them in selection, packing, and distribution of their goods.

Project Management

PT. Eurotrans Logistik Indonesia handles various goverment and multinational projects. Our involvement is from planning stage up to structural set-up. With our strong logistics backup, we undertake such assignments with ease and confidence.


Consultation Services

Our experiences team also provides consultation to our prospective customers / associates em-compassing methods of establishing L/C’s, insurance coverage and many “special to type” requirements.

Domestic Shipment

With the increasing needs of delivery from city to city within java island or across the island, we are here to provide any kind of fleet that customers need by using container, CDD, CDE, Fuso, and many more. We will also supports you with the time-to-tome update so you can monitor the status of your cargo without any worries.

Fullpage TASS Delivering


With the privilege of good service contracts, we are able to offer attractive rates to our customers. Even though, we have our service contract, our relationship with carriers remain amicable. Since 2017, PT. Eurotrans Logistik Indonesia has also become an exclusive agent of Trans Asia Line (TAL) in Indonesia. For more information, please check www.tassgroup.com

North America and Canada Trade Specialist

This is our core business. PT. Eurotrans Logistik Indonesia negotiates large volume, confidential contracts with multiple vessel operators in all global trade lanes. We offer full container rates on shipments to almost any port/ramp point in the USA or Canada. Our contract management system also contains FCL door trucking rates as well as rates for cargo inbound to the United States/Canada from foreign origins.

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